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We are Mazorca Games

We create interactive entertainment with culture-based games that change the fun.


Our approach is based on the creation of games that promote positive values, teamwork, creativity and learning. We want to show that gaming can be a form of entertainment that encourages inclusion, fun, and emotional connection, without promoting violence or negative stereotyping.

At Mazorca Games, we are committed to changing perceptions and showing how games can be a tool to bring people together, educate, and awaken curiosity about Mexican culture. Join us and discover a new way to experience the magic of gaming, without stigma or prejudice.

What we do


Our first launch marked a path full of learning and excitement, because we want many players to know what we are capable of.


We merge the passion for video games with the Mexican cultural heritage to create unique experiences. From legends and traditions to the vibrant common life


We want to build communities of passionate gamers who share experiences, connect and have fun alone or together and challenge their own skills.

Our founders


Our studio

At Mazorca Games, we were born out of the need to celebrate and preserve the rich Mexican culture through games. We are inspired by the desire to share our traditions, legends and vibrant colours with the world. But we also firmly believe in removing the taboo that games encourage violence.

We'd like to work with you

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